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Monday, July 15, 2013

Next Step

I'm still flailing over the form, order, content of the book manuscript I'm working on, but Scott had a good suggestion yesterday. It's one of those simple things that I overlook and he's so great at pointing out.

Since I've always planned three sections, the idea now, at this confusing midpoint, is to sit down and write out a summary of those. The separate summaries have been floating vaguely in my head in various forms. I realize that I can't nail those down completely until the writing takes me wherever it's going to, but as with anything else in my life, if I need to figure something out, I need to write about it. So simple, but so easy to forget.

If I revisit the "goals" of the writing (for lack of a better way to put it, since generally having a goal is going to sink the writing, like when one of my students says "I wanted this poem to show people that they're wrong about _____.") I might find some small piece that will launch me into the next phase after that. Here goes nothing.


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