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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cholesterol, Flash-Floods, and Wanting to Call it a Day by Noon

I had to go get a blood test today to check cholesterol and A1C (3 months worth of blood sugar). The reason I started this blog back in 2006 was to rant about the candy I was no longer able to eat because of my pre-diabetic condition. Yeah, well, I've remained in the "pre-" condition for 7 years. Why? Because I've never fully dedicated myself to quite enough exercise or quite enough sacrificing the delicious, deadly foods, and in middle-age, that flattens you.

What an adventure this was. First, I had to fast for 12 hours, so I hit the sack early to avoid getting hungry and then not being able to sleep. During the night I got really sick. Terrible stomach cramps and nausea, was awake from 4:30 to 6:30. It finally settled down. Not sure what that was about, but I laid there moaning for over an hour and Scott was ready to take me to convenient care. It finally settled down and I got back to sleep for a few hours.

Then I got ready to leave for the blood test at 10, and a huge storm started. It looked tornado-y, limbs falling, sideways rain, etc. I called to let the nurse know I'd be a little late. Got to the hospital, and started having a panic attack in the office of Cindy, the friendly outreach nurse, and she was very patient as I freaked out and had to sit and try to settle down.  After she took my blood from my finger, she gave me my numbers (after I told her not to tell me any until I was ready, because I was still panicking like some pathetic female version of Woody Allen).

My numbers were not great. I need more exercise, 15 pounds of weight loss, better eating. I knew all this going in. Now it's been underlined. Again.

Did I mention that I also prayed really loud on the way to the hospital when I got caught in water about a foot deep and thought sure I was not going to get out of it? Neither did the guy in front of me, who was no help at all moving at 10 feet per hour, trying to drown us both. What a morning. It's still crazy-storming and I just want to crawl in bed for the day, read books, ring a little bell to have someone show up and make me a better human being.


  • At 12:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Holy smokes, what a day! O.o I know it's way more than a month ago, but I can totally feel your panic. Yipes. (I should probably sign my comments. How's about lz--my initials. )

  • At 4:39 PM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    It was sucktastic.


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