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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snark-Free Christmas Post

Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas, and peace for the New Year. Peace in your heart, peace in your family, peace in your health, peace in your household, peace about your finances, peace with your friends and especially your enemies, peace in your travels, both inward and outward, peace when you recall the past, and peace when you look forward and around the corner.

I wish you peace even in your grief. I know many people who are struggling through their first Christmas without someone they loved, and still love, with an ache that never stops rumbling. Real love never DOES stop rumbling. I wish this peace especially for my sister.

I wish you all a grace step in your heart with each prayer you send upward, a tiny moment that assures you there is a recipient on the other end.

I wish you the peace of Christ, the one and only Prince of Peace.


  • At 6:34 PM, Blogger Citlali said…

    I feel wonderfully warm and fuzzy now. Thank you. I needed that. Peace to you and all of yours as well. Many hugs. = ]

  • At 8:30 PM, Blogger Dana said…

    You amaze me. Amen and amen.

    The Peace (and joy and love and truth) of Christ be with you (and all your fabulous readers) this Christmas as well Miss Candy.

    Or is that Mrs. Rant? :)

  • At 9:19 PM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    Hugs to you, too, Citlali. A little warm and fuzzy is necessary sometimes, ain't it?

    Hope I get to see you in 2009.

  • At 9:22 PM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    Mrs. Rant. Ha!

    Thanks Dana, for your friendship and your blog.

    Just got back from a candlelight Christmas Eve service. A guy sang "O Holy Night" unlike I've ever heard it sung. Gave me so many goosebumps I thought I would 'splode.

  • At 11:29 PM, Blogger Jenni said…

    And to you, Candy!

    I am praying for those with missing loved ones this Christmas difficult. Your sister is on my heart tonight.

    Love the Hankie pic, too, btw.

  • At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    God bless you, Sis. The Hankie pic opened the floodgates (finally) for Buddy, whom I reluctantly said goodbye to Saturday morning. Just got a sympathy card from the vet clinic yesterday, signed by the doc and all the staff. Buddy had a good life and Hankie was more than blessed to own you. And so it goes...

    But you've nailed it. In all our sorrows and travails, the Lord of Peace will never forsake us. I can never hope to love Him as much as he loves us, through good times and bad.

    May He continue to bless us and gift us with peace of mind, strength of body, soul and spirit until he takes us home to be with him for eternity.

    Merry Christmas!

  • At 11:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And also with you!

  • At 12:22 AM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    Jenni...thanks. My sister is really struggling tonight. Numb and not-numb.

    That's one of my favorite Hankie photos.

  • At 12:23 AM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    God bless you too, JWebb. I know exactly how devastating Saturday was for you. I hope Buddy is hanging out with Hankie right now, telling all kinds of tales to each other about their owners.

  • At 12:23 AM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    Merry Christmas, Ana!

  • At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Up late Christmas Eve and loved the silence and the Christms lights everywhere. A silent night indeed.

    Candy, there's been sadness in your life this year--great losses--but all your readers wish you peace and serenity and joy. May the new year find peace for you, all of us, and for all the world.


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