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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Couldn't Quite Get the Needle on the Record Today

I did revise three poems, but did not work on the book. Scott's taking a summer class toward his degree and he didn't feel like doing work on that. He instead devoured the last half of a John Grisham book for brain recreation. Sluggery was in the air.

Then tonight we dug up some Amazon Instant Video and started finishing off the final season of Fringe. We loved that show and watched it faithfully until we got wildly busy during that last season. I think we have 7 episodes to go.

I missed my dad even more than usual today so I got out some of my old Hi-8 videotapes to transfer them to DVDs and popped in a tape of an army reunion I went to with Dad and Mom in 2006. I always think it'll help to see his face and hear his voice, but it doesn't. At all.


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