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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Don't Know...I Just Feel Like Coming Back

So I really got the wind knocked out of me when my dad died. I only managed five posts after that, and then I crawled away for a couple of years. I doubt anyone is going to be reading this, so I'll write it to myself. Dear Candy, Your dad would've been 95 today. It's a harder day of missing him than all the other days of missing him. It doesn't stop. It never will. But speaking of your dad (yet again), you know what he was good at? Enjoying life. Dancing with your mom and joking around and good god did the man enjoy his pie. Enjoy your life more, Candy. Stop worrying so much. Write some stuff. And take the keys and stick 'em in the ignition of this blog, just to see if it starts.


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