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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dentus Interruptus

I know that's not a phrase. It is just my way of saying that I had carefully laid out plans for today, including going to see my mom for 4 days, and all kinds of stuff planned for when I got there.

Then, the tooth. The problem I'd been putting off for about a year suddenly became a little urgent. A lot urgent. Two appointments today with the periodontist (one to check problem out, one to conquer it), 4 shots in the gum and roof of the mouth, lots of tools, scraping, bleeding. They call it a "gum scraping." Yeow. I call it dreadful. The shots were the worst part, as they probably are for everyone.

So the trip is put off until tomorrow. My only goal tonight is a shower and relaxation and early bedtime.  I feel that I must admit that I cried from the freak-out of the shots. Holy crappanappie, how a dentist visit can humble a person.


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