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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Short Circuit

That buzzing and crackling you hear is just my brain. I've ordered it to snap to attention so many times in the past two weeks that it's sizzled and zapped its way to "No. Turn on TV."

Come on, Candy-brain. Just read this one last student essay. Then we'll call it a night.

"Turn on TV. Eat chips."

It's the annual Thanksgiving break that always ends up being a marathon of work. Every year I swear I'll manage to make it a restful week. Then break nears and I start to waver. I decide I'll work really hard for the first few days and then have a restful 3 or 4 days. Then break arrives and it gets to this point, the one where I just hope I won't be grading on Thanksgiving Day itself. Why can't I simply accept the way I always do things and give up on being better, smarter, more organized, more savvy with my time? Huh? Why can't I blow off the idea of ever. improving. at. anything?

Well then. I see this hasn't gotten to a very pretty set of charms on the bracelet.

I'm going to go eat chips and watch TV.


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