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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Winter, Good and Bad

I'm in a single digit part of the Midwest, and have not left my house in three days. Nor do I care to. Here are some of my loves and hates about winter.

1. LOVE the coziness of being inside, having a dozen candles lit, covering with a blanket, and watching movies. I even love when it gets dark at 3:45 p.m. I like the night.

2. HATE getting in and out of the car wearing my ungodly amount of layers, awkwardly crawling past the steering wheel, while my hair gets so much electricity in it that it sucks onto the ceiling of the car and snaps like a room full of beatniks.

3. HATE the dry skin. Hate putting on lotion and more lotion and still hearing the sound of someone biting into a potato chip when I touch my own face.

4. LOVE the way snow looks when it's new. Hate when it's old: the dirty piles of it that have dirty little kids climbing on it in parking lots.

5. HATE when the car fishtails and my stomach flies up into my mouth like a crazed bird in a cage.

6. LOVE having a month off for semester break, when I plan all kinds of great feats and accomplishments.

7. HATE when the break is coming to an end and I have once again dropped the ball.

What do you love/hate about winter?


  • At 6:31 PM, Blogger Citlali said…

    I also HATE being forced to put lotion on my skin EVERY DAY for fear of itching like I'm wearing clothes made out of fiberglass.

    On the other hand, I LOVE living in a place where winter can mean perfect temperatures and sunny skies.

    LOVE being able to tell all those still silly enough to live in snow-piled places that I'm enjoying balmy weather. = ]

    HATE having to listen to all kinds of Christmas music anywhere I go for two whole months.

    HATE seeing the sun go away too early and leaving me in the dark for so long.

    HATE getting up to go pee at night and not being able to walk there as is without freezing all my parts off.

    LOVE the way hot soup feels when I'm hungry and cold and it goes down my throat so warm and comforting. You gotta try Pozole for this, a little lemon squeezed in and a little thinly sliced radish on top. MM, mm, mm. = ]

    Big WARM HUGS all around. xx

  • At 10:56 PM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    That soup description made me really REALLY want soup. I don't know what Pozole is but Scott will know. The toppings sound great.

    Fiberglass clothes. Ha. Talk about a tough thing to market!

    Warm hugs to you from the frozen tundra! Enjoy that balmy stuff. MAN, do we miss it!

  • At 1:02 AM, Anonymous JWebb said…

    25 years ago when I moved to the high San Juan mountains, I LOVED everything about it - building the log home, chopping wood for the wood burning stove, -20 mornings, the squeak of fresh feet of snow as I trudged through it.

    25 years later, I pretty much hate it all, except coming home to a nice, warm comfy log home, cooking a hot supper, couple glasses of wine and shutting all the blinds, snuggling in bed with a good book late at night. (And sleeping 'til noon on Sundays).

    But still glad to be alive to hate it all. Just lost a much beloved Aunt this morning - perspective...

    Love to all. Enjoy life. Love your loved ones while you've got them.

  • At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Scott P said…

    Posole is great- I'll have to come up with a Candy-friendly version.

    JWebb- I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt, big shivering Midwest hugs from Candy and I.

  • At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Gail Storey said…

    What I love about THIS winter is I found your blog and your lovable sensibility. The photo of you in the snow at the picnic table makes me smile whenever I think of it. I read a ton of your posts and could comment on each of them, but let this suffice: You rock! Forgive me if I'm being too pushy, but here's a link to my (new) blog, in gratitude for your attitude:

  • At 1:37 PM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    JWebb, I have to remember that: being glad to be alive to hate it all. So sorry about your aunt. Prayers for your family, as always.

  • At 1:40 PM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    Gail, glad you found my little cave. :)

    I actually found that photo on google, and found out it's Jim Johnson, a news guy at WLS, at his Wisconsin cabin. Hard to tell even gender when it's so multi-clothed.

    Thanks for the generous words. Will definitely check out your blog.

  • At 5:45 PM, Anonymous JWebb said…

    Thanks Scott and Candy. On a lighter note, I forgot to mention what I REALLY hate about winter is letting rip a satisfying SBD forgetting I'm wearing silken long johns. Think long-lasting Eau du Colon....

  • At 7:53 PM, Blogger Sparrow said…

    I hate scraping the ice and snow off of the car in the morning

    I love the fresh snow at night, when it sparkles

    I hate knowing I won't feel warm until March... wait I live in Michigan now, I won't feel warm until July

    I love being chilled and running a hot bath and the wonderful feeling of sinking into blissful heat.

  • At 11:23 AM, Blogger MamaMidwife said…

    LOVE - The clean whiteness of the snow.

    HATE - Paying someone to plow my driveway (very long) and yard (need to get to the wood).

    LOVE - the wonderful cozy smell of my house heated by the wood stove

    HATE - that if I leave the house for more than 4 hours the fire goes out and I have to restart it and be cold

    HATE - the dry skin, especially my kids....poor things. My boy's skin actually cracks. We don't take as many showers to help with the dry skin which adds smell to this hate

    LOVE - sticking my icy cold feet on my husband under the covers

    HATE - my three year old daughter who sleeps between us and doesn't like "blankies" so she kicks them off us all night long

    LOVE - hearing my husband say things to me like "Are you effin' a snowman??!!" when I get into bed and cuddle up to him

    LOVE - making soup

    HATE - cleaning up after making soup

    LOVE - knitting warm things, thinking about all the knitting, building my yarn stash with warm and yummy yarns

    :) Yes, I got to a real computer so I could read AND comment on the comment page. :P

  • At 12:20 PM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    Eau de Colon, JWebb?

    I think you have found a marketing niche that has not been utilized. Go forth!

    Sparrow, I think you should just stay IN the bathtub until July. Get a big old novel and just keep warming up the water.

  • At 12:23 PM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    Quite a list, there, MM! Another comment that makes me want soup.
    And a woodstove.
    And even a long driveway.

    My method of clearing my driveway has always been: back-up, drive forward, back-up, drive forward. Though this would not be as effective with a LONG driveway.

  • At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Otter said…

    feeling confined,
    not being able to get out for walks or bike rides,
    getting fat rewarding myself with killer fudge because it's so blasted cold and I'm tired of feeling cold and I deserve something good today,
    being weighed down with all these layers of clothes,
    getting bored of wearing turtlenecks and fleece every day for weeks on end.
    Mostly I hate winter driving and now, absolutely freaking out about my son, the new driver, being out on the bad roads.
    the sense of amazement looking at the cold, hard, snow covered ground and knowing that underneath my tulips and daffodils are there and will delight me with color in a few months,
    peaceful quiet walks while the snow is falling,
    the reminder that to everything in life, there is a season.
    And yes, being alive to love and hate winter.


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