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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Empty Restaurant

Got together today with my very good friend "S." She's someone I can talk to about pretty much EVERYTHING. We met at a Chinese restaurant that had exactly zero other customers from 12:45 to 3:30. It was as though we were Elvis and had asked to have the entire place shut down so we could have a private lunch. The only other human in the room was the little son of the owners, maybe 8 years old. He sat on the floor reading a book and smiling. I can't imagine this place will stay in business much longer, and I'm always a little leery about eating the food at a struggling establishment like this one. Like, I wonder how old the chicken was. Regardless of the geriatric poultry, we laughed our gourds off, as usual. This was the kind of lunch with a friend that I go home exhausted from. In a good way. Like the worn-out-ness of a good swim. I forget sometimes how amazing it is to really talk to a good friend. I don't do it that much, being the hermit I am.


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