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Friday, June 04, 2010

My Summer Dissolves Right Before My Eyes

I started out with 100 days off for my summer break. I'm down to 79. So far I'm not doing great at the long list of things to get done before classes start again. Part of the problem: going to sleep at 4 a.m. and getting up at noon or 1:00. The wee hours are wildly addictive for me. Then I drag my sorry carcass around and yawn all day, because, gosh, as it turns out, your body really does know the difference between going to bed while it's dark, and having its circadian rhythm pounded like Justin Bieber's face in a biker bar.

I'm making a little progress on the first draft of my book, have used my elliptical about 20 times, and have started physical therapy for my neck. The neck problem is so far beyond what a massage can help that I'm regretting the 60 bucks I paid for the last one. Apparently the muscles in my neck/shoulder/back have been so tight for so long that it's going to take twice-weekly visits all summer to get that little system to work again. You know how if you're looking at someone's naked back and they turn their head to the side and you can see the muscles down their back moving around to accommodate? The right side of my back is like a frakkin' mannequin back. No movement. In fact, very little feeling at all, and I didn't even realize it.

YAY for my health insurance which covers 100% of up to 60 PT visits.

Now, about the book I'm attempting to write. I'm finding out just how complex this entire process is. I'm trying to simplify it in my brain by employing the aid of 100 or so purple index cards taped to the wall in our computer/elliptical/fireplace room. I label them with the descriptions of small chunks that I need to write. Then while I'm writing, I think of other chunks I need to write, and make more cards. I tape those up and run back to the computer. Trying for 2,000 words per day but need to ramp that up.

The sign next to my computer says "Writing is hard." And apparently it is, or I'd be writing faster. I have 79 days to get the first draft totally finished. This is my biggest professional challenge ever. It will mean many things on many levels both personally and professionally if I can do it.

It is also a big challenge for my body. I've had to completely revamp the way I sit and the way I type, and where my mouse pad sits, and all my Word documents have been lowered to eye level. I hate sitting with good posture. But I must, else I shall become a full-fledged mannequin by fall. Stiff and manuscript-less.

And how is your summer going? What fun things are you doing? What crimes are you committing? Can I count on you to join my posse when I hunt Justin Bieber down and and drown him in a vat of guy-liner?


  • At 11:29 PM, Blogger MamaMidwife said…

    Knitting. That's my summer. And growing this baby. And not swelling up from the heat. :)

    Sorry about your neck.

  • At 12:27 PM, Blogger Steve Berven said…

    What;s your book about? Do I get a signed copy? Free?

    Word Verification: "supriati"

    That sounds like a French racing bike, a knock off wanna-be Italian sports car, or some tennis player.

  • At 5:23 PM, Blogger E. said…

    You go! Write that book!

    Me, I'm chasing young'uns and trying to get my house organized. I thought I might try to write some poems too, but so far, there's been very little of that. But we're about to leave for two weeks with my folks and then three weeks with my husbands, and I actually tend to get more writing done when I'm in those locations, because my house is not there to take up all my time and energy, plus free babysitting. Woo hoo!

    My word verification is "finitato." Is that Italian for "your book will be finished, someday"? In any case, blogger seems to have some romance language thing going on.

  • At 5:25 PM, Blogger Candy Rant said…

    Oh, I know you always have a good time on the coast! Relish every moment and push those kids off on the grandparents. :0)

    Steve, I promise, if this book gets published, you get a signed copy.


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