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Sunday, May 16, 2010

While I'm Still Grading Final Papers, I Bring You This:

The other day, we had a very, very 21st century moment in our house.

Scott and I were hugging and as he walked away, he looked down at the front page of a newspaper that was sitting on the coffee table. He paused for a moment.

"Oh man," he said. "I was just seeing if that front page had updated since the last time I looked at it."

Our brains, our poor, suckered human brains are being altered by all this freakish technology. Not long ago I was walking across campus and heard a conversation on the Quad. This flamboyant, Glee-tastic guy was flailing his arms around and saying how happy he was.

"I'm like, so frickin' happy I need to hug something," he chirped. "I like, need to hug a mountain. Right this minute..."

As the conversation continued, and I didn't have time to linger to hear more, I thought "Oh, I can google it later."


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  • At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Steve B said…

    A friend of ours said that she didn't need her old car seat anymore and was thinking of getting rid of it.

    Immediately it popped into my brain that she could just right-click on it and sell it to a vendor.

    Maybe I'm playing just a little too much Warcraft, hmmm?


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