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Thursday, August 01, 2013

I Need My Sister's Personality Today

She loves to pack her suitcase. LOVES to fly. Gets excited at the mere mention of travel. In that respect she takes after my dad.

I am like my mother. When it comes right down to it, she'd rather stay home. She hates the packing, stews about everything, does not feel the pre-trip joy or excitement. Probably the only way she'd be gung-ho about a trip is if you told her "We're going to pick up your house and fly it to Hawaii. You don't have to pack. You can sleep in your own bed. But when you walk out the front door, you'll be stepping onto the beach." Then she would find something else to worry about. Like a shark sprouting legs and laying in wait on her welcome mat.

How is it that so many parts of my personality are carbon copies of hers?

This conversation has happened hundreds of times:

Mom: You have got to stop stewing about everything! It's not good for you.

Candy: Hmmm. I wonder where I got that?

Mom: You didn't get it from me. I've still got all of mine.

And then usually I punch her. And then she gets up and comes after me with a sledgehammer. She's mighty wiry for 90.


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