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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Books. Too Many.

As my annual "Oh Dear God, the Semester is About to Begin" panic rituals kick in, I return to the tried and true tradition of organizing my books.

It's the first in a line of projects designed to help me be less freaked out when classes start, and to be able to find what I need for teaching, and to be able to come into a house at the end of the day without bumping into the cameramen from "Hoarders." They always want to stay for dinner and trust me, they are whiny bitches.

Now, about the books. There are way, way, way too many. You probably caught on to that from the clever blog post title. To give you an idea of how over the top my book collection is: It took me all day yesterday and today, or at least as many hours as I could stand to do it, to organize only my poetry books and a small subset of my nonfiction books. They were all over the house in various piles, none of which made the slightest bit of sense. As of three minutes ago, I've jumped this hurdle on the road to Looking Like a Sane Person Lives Here.

Tomorrow, just for kicks, I'm going to count the poetry books. Then I'll enter the dark abyss of pondering how stupid it is to have this many. Even if I quit my job and read for 40 hours each week, and read only poetry, it would take me a good fat decade to read all of these.

Have I mentioned that in addition (at first I typed "addiction") to these books inside our house, there are FORTY other boxes of books in the garage? No? I didn't mention it? Well, there are. And down the road, about 25 hurdles from here, is the task of downsizing that whole ridiculous mess. A few years ago I made a valiant effort to downsize and I shared on this blog some photos of things I was getting rid of. Like my betamax tape of "Flashdance." And my Incredible Hulk Christmas ornament. Guess who didn't get around to tossing those?


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