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Monday, September 02, 2013

Not the Long Weekend I'd Been Hoping For

As it turns out, one of the reasons I was feeling so crappy on my birthday is that I was about to get really sick. Today is Day 4 in bed, and I'm at that charming sneezing/snotting/snuffling stage now.

I was very excited for this long, long weekend with Scott. The belated birthday dinner out, the watching of lots of movies and the eating of barrels of popcorn. Instead I got fever, snot, and flattened into my bed. But I also got homemade chicken-vegetable-alphabet noodle soup brought to me on a tray when I felt too sick to get out of bed. And popsicles and Tylenol and Cold-Eze brought to me from the Walgreen's down the street. And the finishing of the dishes and laundry, which were chores I had to abandon when I did that thing that people do when they proclaim "I will NOT be sick!" All of these acts of kindness are the actions of a man I fall more in love with every day.


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